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1977-02-16 Stockholm, Sweden Born.
1977-08-19 Detroit, Michigan Family moved to America
1982-??-?? Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania Moved to Pennsylvania for parents work.
1988-01-01 Drive Across USA (PA to NM via WA) Not long after my parents divorced, my mother decided to move back to her hometown Albuquerque. My father took the opportunity to spend some time with me by taking the longest route possible in a VW bus.
1987-??-?? Albuquerque, New Mexico After parent's divorce, I move with my mother to Albuquerque.
1995-??-?? Newburyport, Massachusetts Leaving home (and high school) for a summer job near Boston, never to return.
1996-??-?? Sedona, Arizona In between job respite in Sedona where my father lived at the time. Worked on first startup effort as well.
1997-??-?? Kansas City, Missouri Moved to Kansas City for a job with Sprint telecom.
1998-??-?? Stockholm, Sweden Attended Intensive Non-Violent training course with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.
1997-01-02 Drive to Seattle from Kansas The definition of spontaneous. Leaving with no notice on a Thursday night for Seattle to get a bucket of KFC chicken. Took seven days and found machines unplugged when we got back because Sprint thought we defected.
1999-07-12 Colorado Aspens A quick jaunt to Colorado turned out to be much better than expected. We had no particular destination but found ourselves in Aspen during one of their better seasons. Taking time to play frisbee in the park (the locals came out to play too) and watch a movie in addition to our mountain climbing.
2000-01-01 Reigolsdwil, Switzerland Allison and I decided to take advantage of my father's employment at a resort in the mountains of Switzerland. We attended their Millenium New Year's Party.
2000-10-01 Grand Canyon to Yosemite Road trip from Kansas City through Albuquerque (Balloon Fiesta), Grand Canyon, Sedona, Redwood City California, Yosemite, and Palm Springs
2002-05-01 Bali, Indonesia United Airlines lost my only checked bag on the way to Bali. I showed up with only the clothes on my back and bought a shirt, pair of pants and a toothbrush to get me through. With the bag was my camera equipment - two new professional lenses and a 20GB flashcard storage drive so I could shoot 3,000 raw images. All of which I purchased with this trip in mind. With the Canon D30 battery charger also AWOL, I was in a tight spot. The photos below are a sorry bunch but I'm glad to have them.
2002-10-01 New England Road Trip (Vermont, New York) went to new england
2002-12-01 Kansas to Toronto Drive (non-stop) A very long road trip from Kansas City to Toronto for a Wing Chun family reunion and training session. Leaving Thursday morning and getting back Sunday night. With 43 hours of driving and only two days of training, it was still well worth it.
2003-04-09 China (Beijing, Downstream Yangtze, Shanghai) My first tour group vacation. 18 days visiting Beijing, Xian, Yangtze river cruise downstream (Chongqing, Wuhan), and Shanghai. Due to an outbreak of an unknown virus (SARS) our group was light.
2003-07-08 Colorado Camping Camping trip on the road in Colorado with Pin.
2003-10-28 Eureka Springs, Arkansas A quick weekend drive out of the city to Arkansas. Pin needed a getaway.
2004-03-25 Costa Rica After more than a year of indecision and scheduling difficulty, my mother and I selected Costa Rica as our destination. We travelled with a group full of birders and an ornathologist as our leader.
2004-10-30 West Carribbean (Mexico, Belize, Honduras) Travel with Norwegian Cruise Lines -- my first cruise just to see what cruising is like. Pin and I spent time shopping in Cozumel and walking the beaches of Belize and Roatan, Honduras.
2006-09-25 Washington, D.C I joined Mom on a peace march in Washington D.C. The big event didn't materialize, but we found some action and I tagged along as Mom visited with senatorial offices and staff.
2006-10-22 Barcelona, Spain (via Switzerland and France) Visited Dads new home in Switzerland and toured a few other cities in the country using a eurorail pass. Then took the train to Barcelona, Spain for the second week. Travelling to Zurich took two days and six flights due to a series of airline problems. My luggage showed up in Zurich after I returned home.
2006-11-28 Estes Park, Colorado We were lucky enough to stand in the middle of wild elk herds on this trip. A bit cold and windy at this time of the year, but a great trip nonetheless.
2007-06-16 San Francisco and Redwood Forests, California Lily's first trip to California, and a nostalgic trip to Pier 39 and Highway One for me. The Redwood National Parks were a first for both of us.
2007-11-10 London, England (and Switzerland) Sent on business to London for a month. I added a week to visit Dad in Switzerland on the way out.
2007-12-25 Vermont Christmas with Family Lily's first trip to meet the family at Christmas in Vermont 24 2008-03-01 00:00:00 England, France, and Switzerland Tour On a business trip to England, I made a side trip into Paris and then brought Lily out to Switzerland to meet the family and tour the country
2008-07-04 New Mexico Travels with Lily Lily's first trip to New Mexico to visit my mother and her side of the family. We drove through much of the country...
2008-09-03 Datong and Wutai Mountains, China Travel to Datong by overnight train and visiting Xuan Kung Si "Hanging Temples" and YunGang Caves. Then travel by car to the Wutai Mountains and visiting many of the mountain-top temples there.
2008-10-06 Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu, Nepal 48 hour train from Beijing to Lhasa, visiting remote areas of Tibet and then to Mt. Everest base camp and on to Kathmandu, Nepal by jeep. Tour of Nepal including Chitwan national park and Lumbini (birthplace of Buddha).
2009-01-08 Harbin, China - Ice Festival 2009 A spontaneous decision to visit the far north city of Harbin, China to see one of the world's largest ice sculpting festivals. The temperature was -21 celsius with strong winds directly from Siberia (only a few hundred miles away)... the camera froze over with frost frequently.
2009-04-12 Beijing, China -- Wedding Our formal wedding celebration at JunWangFu palace, Beijing, China. My parents came from overseas to take part in the ceremony with more than 100 of Lily's family and friends.
2009-04-12 China -- Wedding Travels A year after our legal marriage in America, Lily and I had a big formal wedding in Beijing with more than 100 guests. My mother came from New Mexico and father and his wife came from Switzlerland came to take part in the wedding and travel a bit of China with us.
2009-05-01 Seoul, South Korea and the DMZ In order to renew my Chinese VISA I needed to leave the country and re-enter customs... I decided to make a quick stop in Seoul, Korea and visit the DMZ...
2009-11-02 Phuket, Thailand and Phi Phi Islands Swimming with the fishes near Phuket Thailand - Phi Phi Islands
2010-04-08 Singapore Lily decides to hit the beach before she becomes visibly pregnant. We hit all the big spots in Singapore and can't seem to avoid walking malls.
2012-03-10 New Zealand From ChristChurch to Southern Alps, Milford Sound and Dunedin. Our first vacation away from Kai for a short romp through the Southern Alps. Encounters with sea lions, penguins, royal albatross, and numerous other birds...
2014-03-29 Ethiopia Traveling by Jeep across Ethiopia countryside. North from Addis Ababa almost to the border of Eritrea, then South and West. Travelled through the Simien mountains, to the source of the Blue Nile, Axum, Lalibela, Godino village...
2015-01-01 Cancun, Isle Mujeres, Mexico Taking the kids and extended family to Mexico and Isle Mujeres for a two week rental on the beach.
2016-10-01 New Mexico and Grand Canyon Driving to Albuquerque to visit mom and then leaving for excursion to Grand Canyon with Lily.
2017-08-01 Switzerland and Venice, Italy First trip with Kai and Heidi to visit Opa and Oma in Switzerland. Lily and Ben take a side excursion to Venice while there.

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