2018-11-15, Local Market Near Duoyishu

A few more photos to show a bit more variety of village life here. We hitched a ride to the local market this morning. Since there is only one road, the taxi system is any car going in the direction you want. Kids are now fully aware of the rest of the lifecycle of farm animals now. We bought a live chicken for dinner, some broccoli and other cravings. Strangely enough, in our village they don’t eat much chicken (this despite there being more chickens than people). Another mystery we’ll solve in time. We did find answers for a few of our burning questions… Villagers keep a general headcount of the animals they raise and are generally able to identify their own stock without the need for tags or fences. In particular, they train ducks to come to their call in the evening. Then use the long pole to help guide as necessary. Often, they’ll return to the fields a second time to round up disobedient ducks.


  • Duo Yi Shu, Yunan China.

  • Always a lot of activity in the village. Duoyishu, Yunan, China

  • Small vegetable garden. Duoyishu, Yunan, China

  • Herding water buffalo. Duoyishu, Yunan, China

  • Putting the ducks to bed. Duoyishu, Yunan, China

  • Fast food. Duoyishu, Yunan, China

  • Selling cigarette lighters in the rain. Duoyishu, Yunan, China

  • Vendor. Duoyishu, Yunan, China

  • Motorcyclist. Duoyishu, Yunan, China

  • Women socializing at the market, while kids check out the merchandise. Duoyishu, Yunan, China

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